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There are Three Optional Ways you can become involved.

The First way is as a SolarCity Ambassador as seen on the First Drop Down Menu above.
But make sure you watch this introduction just below about being a Powur Partner. 

And why wouldn't someone be interested?

If they qualify they will receive up to Four different options, from a system where they just pay for the power and not the solar panels, all the way to the CashBack solar where they actually get money back, as much as $10,000 Cash Back!

AND, we lock in their lower rate for 20 years so as the Power company raises their rates, an average of 8-10% per year, the savings really start to add up.

Worse Case Scenario: Your friend's Monthly Out of Pocket goes DOWN.

So Why SolarCity and not one of the 100's of competitors out there?

  • POWUR is a major Direct Selling Arm of SolarCity.
  • SolarCity has Far More Options than any solar company in the World.
  • SolarCity is BY FAR the largest and most experienced.
  • No other company has all the features and tools of SolarCity.
  • SolarCity guarantees to Beat Any Deal out there.

There is another issue to consider. So you went with one of the other guys, what happens when you want to sell your home and the buyer isn't interested in buying your solar panels?

You are stuck, you can't sell. The company that sold you those panels already has their money, they won't help you whereas when you deal with SolarCity, no matter which plan you are on we help you with the potential buyer and if it still won't work out we come out and get the panels.

We have a very simple philosophy.
If your Monthly Cash Outlay doesn't go Down, Why Do It?

If you want to see just How I can cut you those SolarCity checks, continue.

Still not convinced?

Change is Coming and you have a chance to share in this incredible Wealth Redistribution.

See this Article by Fortune Magazine.

Just pay attention to what is going on in the World.

Fossil Fuels are getting harder and harder to find. We are learning new terms every day like "Fracking," "Offshore Deep Water Exploration" and "Arctic Exploration." Just how many more places on Earth where we haven't already drilled could their possibly be Fossil Fuels? And at What Price?

For that very reason, Shell Oil just announced it's Ceasing All operations and pulling out of the Arctic.  "...simply Too Expensive."


You have the opportunity to Truly Make a Difference, not just in Utah but the World.

Going Solar is NOT about any political agenda or the Climate Change debate.

It's about our future. 

Any sane person would understand that the Fossil Fuel era is about over. It's Time for a Change.


Let us Know! 

Contact Rick.Contact Rick.Want your Own SmarterApp?Want your Own SmarterApp?Get back to the Powur Partner who introduced you to this system and let them know if you want more information on the opportunity.

Membership is currently by Invitation Only.

We probably need to talk as you may not be in a state that currently has SolarCity, but that's not a problem, and when we talk you'll understand. It's a worldwide opportunity beginning with the USA.





"You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. 
This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life."

 Steve Jobs


We also have a FREE Business for you to consider.

The App Business is HUGE, and unless you have been living under a rock you already know this.

Take just the Pokemon Go game which NETS the owners $2 Million Every Day!

How would you like a piece of that action?


Now, the developers of Madden Football, NASCAR Thunder and NCAA Football are launching their newest Creation.
But the BIG Difference is You can Share in the Revenue.


Sports Apps are the craze and in line with the Launch of the 2016 NFL Season, you get to cash in.


Click Either LoGo and get the facts.