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If you had the choice between paying More for Dirty Power or Less for Clean Power, What would you Do?

What do our Customers Think?

Folks, the Solar Movement is NOT about any Political Agenda.

No matter which side of the climate change debate you are on, one things is clear. We cannot continue to burn Fossil Fuels like we have in the past.
Simple logic would lead any sane person to understand that there is a Limit to the supply of Fossil Fuel. 

There is more here than we can show in this simple SmarterApp but we MUST Look for alternatives.


Someone thought enough of you to send you here and you would do well to check it out.

Like the Happy Customers above, you will be quite excited when you start saving money and you'll want to share that excitement with everyone you know. We have a way you can get paid to share your excitement, just let us know if that interests you.

But if all you want to save money on your power bill and help the environment, get back to the person who sent you here.

If you came here through my efforts, contact me, 


If you are here through an affiliation with the Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints, let me know.
Solar City is paying a Finders Fee that doesn't affect your pricing in any way, but we direct
that finders fee to the proper Ward so the Church gets the credit.  

Please note that this site and it's content is not endorsed by the LDS Church.
The decision to Share the SolarCity finders fee strictly My Choice.

But this does lead to the following question:

If you are a member and are interested in Free Solar for your home, someone will earn a finders fee for your decision.
Why wouldn't you want that finders fee to go to the Church?
Get back to me and I'll begin the process to see if you qualify for your Free Home Solar.
Dr. Rick Mayer